Making Climate Change Visual

Visualizations that examine one aspect of the important yet ephemeral issue of climate change.

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The Landscape of Climate Finance

The Landscape of Climate Finance is a web-based slide deck built by Vizzuality to promote the 2013 report from the Climate Policy Initiative. The slides examine climate change through the lens of money rather than the latest scientific study. This brass tacks approach...

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Trends in global CO2 emissions

This interactive presentation of a report from PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency answers the question "Are global CO2 emissions still rising?"

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Climate Policy Initiative Yearly Report

Vizzuality worked closely with the Climate Policy Initiative to build an online version of their yearly report, presenting three decades of evidence on emissions trends, emissions drivers, and policy activity from key global economies. Read about their process

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The Keeling Curve

An interactive explainer putting 400ppm CO2 in context. Designed by and published by the Guardian.

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Climate Central Surging Seas Risk Finder

Bocoup teamed up with Climate Central to create SSRF, a tool that would allow for displaying the risk of sea level rise across geographies over time. SSRF compares that risk with its impact on critical areas such as infrastructure and education. Read about their process.

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This Pulsing Earth

Covered here on NPR, This Pulsing Earth was created by cartographer and designer John Nelson. It shows us something we intuitively know, that the planet's ice comes and goes with the seasons, but does so in a way that's somehow new. Read about John's process.